Welcome to Dead Medium

Print is archaic. A dead medium. But here, in a mythical place of bits and bytes, it can be resurrected. A dead medium brought to life again.

This medium is my medium, the written word. Writing novels is my inescapable destiny. Not, of course, a lucrative one for most, but a destiny nonetheless. But Iím greedy. I donít just want to write novels. I want them to be read. A little bit of the exhibitionist in me, perhaps. This website is my showcase, or my graveyard. A place for worlds of the imagination, creatures of the mental fabric. Ethereal, but real enough.

Here, I choose to hurl my remnants of the dying medium into the world, ironically publishing them in the new medium that murdered the old. Ah, life and death intertwined. For your online reading pleasure, here lies a ghost of pastimes past, the novel. And perhaps some aberrant mutations. ... I begin in the realm of the mind, of memory.

The Ice Cream Memories of Charlotte Rowe

The Ice Cream Memories of Charlotte Rowe

by Teresa Perrin

Divination from the spirit world. Con artistry. Cats and mirrors. The implications of Freudian psychology. Death. Life. Birth. Murder. And ice cream. ... Charlotte Rowe has been cast in the role of medium from childhood, and studied under a clever fraud. But does Charlotte have a real vision into the spirit world?

Now available for free download in .pdf or .prc ebook format.

Also available in these and .epub format on Bibliotastic: The Ice Cream Memories of Charlotte Rowe on Bibliotastic.

Ephraim's Echo

Ephraimís Echo

by Teresa Perrin

Lurking in the depths of the caverns known as Ephraimís Echo, a vampire exists. Generation upon generation, it preys upon the women who find themselves drawn to it: practical, unimaginative Katy who finds herself embroiled in an affair with a minister; Nora, wife and mother, who longs for something more than an isolated farming life with her writer husband; rebellious Eileen, who escapes her rural life only to be drawn back into the arms of the vampire; and Marilyn, who in searching for her long-missing mother finds an ancient darkness.

Also available online and in .pdf, .prc, and .epub formats on Bibliotastic: Ephraimís Echo on Bibliotastic.

Festering Ancient Quandaries (FAQ) back to top

Why publish your novels for free?

Why not? I know, not an answer. I would much rather my books get read than sit in a drawer getting dusty. They may be dying, but I hope there is a little life left in them. And it does give me a modicum of pleasure to offer free novels for the reading. Soon, a few purchasable ebooks should join these, including my runner-up in the 2012 3-Day Novel Contest, Werewolves of Vegas.

Why publish your books online, on a web page?

With the onset of the Internet, and new technologies arising every day, there are a lot of possibilities for self-publishing. I choose to put my first novels on a web page, as online books, for several reasons. First, it is free. Costless. Well, except for web hosting, domain names, silly extravagances my vanity demands. Since one of the skills Iíve acquired in my day jobs is graphic design, putting up a website is both cheap and fun. Second, it is accessible. Most everyone can view it. And, since Iím doing this, Iíd like as many people as possible to read my work.

Ice Cream Memories is now also available for free download in .pdf or .prc ebook format.

What genre is your writing?

Boxes, boxes, we must put everything in boxes, mustnít we? But I tend to be odd shapes, irregular sizes. Most of all, Ice Cream Memories is a ghost story. You will find shades of the mystery novel, shades of the historical novel. Horror, of course; speculative fiction, with a literary fiction edge. Ephraimís Echo is a supernatural horror story of sorts, but though it is a vampire story, unabashedly, it is more a story of ideas and of characters and less a traditional horror tale.

Hey, how come only two novels are online so far?

Writing a novel is a lengthy undertaking, requiring time, energy, pieces of my soul. And creating a novel-website or ebook is a task in itself. There are other novels lurking in my library, just not quite emerged. The process of birth must not be rushed. And hey, it wasnít too long ago that there was only one novel online.